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Visiting Bagan - Beyond Pagodas and Stupas

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Bagan owns over 2,200 pagodas and stupas. Apart from learning religious and antique architecture, there are numerous active activities for travelers to find out other sides of myanmar country like culture, people and view. 1. Ballooning rideThis is the best, funniest way to catch the panorama of Bagan. Unparalleled aerial view from hot air balloons will actually carry good moments to travelers as contemplating this majestic construction ensemble. Balloon journeys usually departs on early morning, the featured time in a day to observe glorious sunrise, when original sunbeams shine down roof of old stupas. Surely this way will captivate photographers. With a location on a balloon, you be able to possibly capture fantastic shots and create splendid photos. Important note: Balloon ride is not avalable from April to Sep due to weather conditions. The most beautiful time in day for ballooning is early morning (from 5AM) 2. Biking on semi-dessert, sandy paths or up to mountainsA new way to admi…

Differences of Buddhist Architecture Among Indochina Countries

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Five out six of Indochina countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and burma principally practice Buddhism, but it will be a big fault if you believe Buddhist architecture in these nations are the identical, and just or Vietnam is enough. The reason results from differences of Buddhism sects, cultural influences and folk beliefs. In fact, Buddhist team traveling to myanmar ples of the countries are charming distinct.
AN OVERVIEW OF BUDDHIST ARCHITECTURAL FORMS:Stupa: A bell-shaped structure containing Buddhist relics, very widespread in burma. It’s called “zedi” in Burmese, “that” in Lao, “chedi” in Thai and “mộ tháp” in Vietnamese. A stupa of Vietnam, a small rectangular structure, is unlike stupas of the other countries.Monastery temple: Common in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, known as “wat”.Pagoda: The main form of Buddhist architecture in Vietnam, completely different to “pagoda” of China.Buddhist monastery: could be found a lot in burma, Thailand and Cambodia, known as…

Practice of Buddhism in Indochina countries

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Buddhist practice in Indochina countries has both alike and different points, coming along with featured values and positive influences on culture and spiritual life. first and foremost, let know two major branches of Buddhism, which are different expressions of the identical teachings of Buddha.THERAVADA & MAHAYANATheravada (Teachings of the Elders, Lesser Wheel School, Southern Buddhism)
As the earliest, oldest teachings of Buddha founded in India and found in Pali literature, Theravada school orients devotees to become an "arhat" (who attained Nirvana) by merit making and obeying Five Percepts of the Buddha.Mahayana (Greater Wheel School, Northern Buddhism)
This school encourages citizen to perfect themself based on the six necessary virtues: generosity, morality, patience, vigor, concentration and wisdom, but with aim to protect others.

>> Theravada see Mahayana as a misinterpretation of the Buddha’s primary teachings, while Theravada is seen more austere, ascetic …

Best Picked 2018 and Top Suggested in 2019 by SEA WANDER

Check out SEA WANDER's top picked adventure list in 2018 and find our expert offer for burma tours in 2019
Saying goodbye to the year of 2018 – according to Vietnamese calendar where head quarter office of SEA WANDER located and prepare for new year festival according to Burmese calendar in April 2015, let SEA WANDER look back together to our top favorite tour in 2014 and our expert is going to offer new choice for an wonderful myanmar in 2015. Top choices in 2018 by our customers:myanmar photography journey and more specified option - Photography with Balloon ride in Inle Lake and Bagan 07 days - Photographers felt very much in love with myanmar. And we created the journey to provide best chances to capture the most salient pictures in their journeys.
Yangon Countryside tours 03 days – the very short adventure for customers own limited time in their plan. The tour is also cheap enough to meet almost all budgets because it has no involve in domestic flight while giving you top iconic…

Top Important Festivals in burma

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burma has several festivals during a year with most of activities related to Buddhist religion. Let go with SEA WANDER to uncover some of the most important festivals in this great country
1. Full Moon of Tabaung
Full Moon of Tabaumg Festival is the traditional merit-making day for Buddhists. It takes site in the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month in Burmese calendar (often in Feb of can as in western calendar.) 2017 date: 11 February2018 date: 01 MarchThe sacred purposes of this day comprise: not to involve any kind of sins, do only wonderful deeds, purify one’s mind.

On this occasion, Buddhists get to pagoda and carried out merit-making activities. The meaning of this festival is to show veneration to Buddha and his teaching.
According to the legend, Full Moon of Tabaung festival marks the 4 fabulous events happening at the Veḷuvana bamboo grove, close to Rājagaha in northern India ten months after the enlightenment of the Buddha. As recorded, four auspicious facts are:1,250 disciples …

Top burma Beaches & Best Time for Beach Holidays

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burma beach is rather different from ones in SE Asian country. Beaches in burma (Burma) is very pretty, untouched, and tranquil however those beaches are not ideal for swimming all year around, especially summer time - from April to Aug.
Having a long coastline but myanmar (Burma) beaches are not popular like other countries in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, it is so regretful if you don’t relax the sunshine on these beaches as reaching Southeast Asia. Many of myanmar beaches are unspoilt and undiscovered, reminiscent of Thailand’s beaches 20 years ago, absolutely tranquil and silent. Endless island and untouched beaches, myanmar is truly an alluring destination for lovers of the sea. Here is the list of the top beaches in burma country. 1. Ngapali beach - the most known for beach in burma (Burma)
Dreamy coasts, idyllic palm lines, pristine white sands and the blue crystal-clear waters of Bengal Bay, these are words tremendous travellers say about Ngapali beach. This best myanmar beach is…

Increase Zone Fee to Bagan, myanmar

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Bagan zone fee increased since January 01, 2015 from US$ 15 to US$ 20 per person. This fee is applicible for all foreign adventurer with one-time payment at the local airport. burma Ministry of Culture announced the increase of Bagan Zone fee to US$ 20 per person. This fee is applicable for all foreign tourists coming into Bagan. The before price was US$ 15 per person. The fee is collect one time at the local airport. A sample of the zone fee tickets since it was US$ 15 per person
(Photo credit to SEA WANDER
Inspection in August 2014)
Bagan is an important archaeological zone that is recognized by UNESCO. With a single payment of the zone fee, foreign tourists may access all stupas and temple here up to 2,200 items and further historical sites. Among them, the most typical ones that be able to not be missed are Ananda temple, Shwesandaw temple or often known "Sunset temple" because tourists come here climb up to the top for the panoramic landscape of the whole Bagan and the Shwe…