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To Do List burma – 5 Most wonderful Way to to uncover Mandalay Charm City

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Mandalay is one of the best charm city tours in myanmar you should travel when you come this country. Such as numerous things, you should do include: eating road foods, travel captivating sites, uncover unique traditions, etc. To build a “to do list Burma” is a must not miss any interesting things on your tours. Let’s see some good “candidates” for your list.

1. Enjoy the street food of Mandalay

Top delicious Mandalay street foods you should try – Photo: Miss Tam Chiak

The best way to discover Mandalay road foods is going on two wheels that you be able to stop wherever you such as. I love to wandering around and stop whenever I see some things catch my eyes. One of the best things about Burma’s cuisine is that after enjoying the food, you will enjoy a free tea, Mandalay’s mouth-watering dishes that will make you unforgettable during your trip. It could be a grand waste if you don’t put this activity on your “to do list Burma”

2. Explore Amarapura and U Bein Bridge

U Bein bridge in sunset –…