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Cost of living in Burma for the traveler in 2018

How much does it cost to live in Myanmar? It depends on your lifestyle is the shortest, but very vague answer. Numerous will tell you that you that you may rent an apartment for $200-300 and eat delicious meals on the street for $1. But it’s not a full picture. I decided to take a look at lifestyles and cost of living of a few expats (including mine) based in Yangon to give you an idea of budgeting your relocation to burma tour.Typical apartment block in YangonMarc Piano, an English teacher and a freelance consultantI rent a very simple apartment for $180 per month including the bills. I spend about $300 for food eating mostly on the street, and additional $100 for nights out (I am not drinking anymore) and other entertainment (buying video games and movies). Transport (buses&taxis) cost me no more than $70 per month. Internet access costs me $80. My monthly spendings come to around $730. (I am not factoring visa costs and flights related to that.) That’s on the high finish and is…