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Glimpse Burma tour

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The perfect Classic Burma Tours are the best Burma holiday packages and discover the cultural tourist destinations such as capital Yangon with a visit to stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, temple city of Bagan, former royal capital Mandalay and the tribal traditions of Inle Lake. The Glimpse Burma Tour appears as one of the best chance offering you the essential glimpse of entire Burma with such a short duration of 6 days.

Burma Highlights

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Burma excursions Highlights combines probably the most beautiful sights of this extraordinary country to give you an implausible overview of Burma.
This Burma travel brings you from the hub of Yangon, to the breathtaking Bagan temples, to the cultural centre of Mandalay, to the magical Lake Inle. With 2 nights to discover each and every region you're going to come home with memories and pictures with a view to ultimate a lifetime and an figuring out of this distinctive part of Burma.

Burma Highlights Photos

Tour length: 08 days / 07 nights
Tour type: Journey, Cultural, Classic
Cities: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
Physic Level: Easy

Day 1 Arrival in Yangon
Warmest greetings to Myanmar – the land of golden pagodas and temples. A switch is integrated from Yangon airport to your hotel.
Take the remainder of the day for a traveling to Chautatkhgyi pagoda, famed for the most important reclining Buddha statue in Myanmar, adopted via a pleasant walk in royal place the place…

Burma in Depth

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Burma in Depth - is a great trip for the first time visitor to Burma with time to fully explore and discover this vast, diverse and deeply fascinating country. Our privately guided, bespoke holiday allow you to experience Burma slowly, fully and at your own pace. Discover the Burma - Myanmar as a popular 'new' destination.

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Tour duration: 21 days 20 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Cultural, Adventure, Cruise
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Mawlamyine -
Bagan - Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Hsipaw - Pindaya - Kalaw - Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
      Highlights of the tour

Immerse yourself in the religious and cultural heritage of Mandalay and Bagan.
Train ride through the hills to the colonial Hill Station of Kalaw.
Enjoy the vibrant life and waterways of Lake Inle.
Unwind on the idyllic white sands of Ngapali beach.

Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, you will be m…

Luxuries of Burma

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Luxuries of Burma combines the highlights of Burma with some wonderful days on the Ayeyarwaddy River aboard the legendary Road to Mandalay cruise. Throughout the cruise, with your own guide and driver, enjoy private excursions that visit the cultural treasures of the country.

Luxuries of Burma Photos Gallery
Tour length: 9 days / 8 nights
Tour type: Luxury tour
Cities: Yangon, Road to Mandalay Cruise, Bagan, Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
Level: Easy

Day 1 Arrive Yangon
Upon Arrival, our Burma Tours Asia’s  guide and driver will welcome you for your hotel transfer. Check in hotel and relax or simply enjoy a first starting at city visit at Shwedagon Pagoda and wandering to discover the colonial town.
In the evening, enjoy our welcome dinner with traditional dancing show at Karaweik Palace restaurant.
Day 2 Yangon – Mandalay by flight
Transfer to airport to take a short flight to Mandalay for private touring. Board Road to Mandalay cruise for three nights
Day 3 Mandalay & environs
Cruising, includ…

Burma Unveiled & Cruise

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Burma Unveiled and cruise features the top choice for those who want to experience the entire charm of Burma in slow pace travel. The tour not only takes you through the best that Burma has to offer but also offer you a wonderful chance to know about the authentic Burmese hospitality and the beauty of Irrawaddy River

Burma Unveiled & Cruise Gallery

Tour Duration: 10 days / 09 nights
Tour Type: Classic, luxury tour
Cities: Yangon, Bago, Mandalay, Bagan
Price: Contact us
Physical level: easy

Day 1 Arrival in Yangon
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our guide in Yangon international airport.
Enjoy your first visit to Shwedagon pagoda, the prominent monument with golden flash and numerous stupas featuring the dominating site in the city.
Welcome dinner by Royal Palace.
Accommodation: Yangon Hotel
Meal: welcome dinner
Day 2 Yangon city tour
After breakfast, we start exploring the centre of Yangon with a guided walk through colonial buildings, Emmanuel Church, Sule Pagoda and enjoy a styled high …

Burma Family Holiday

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This is an enlightening holiday which is beautifully designed to offer you a great time with your family. Burma (Myanmar) Family Holiday allows you and your children enjoying the architectural marvels of Yangon, interesting traditional puppet show, unique Inle fishing technique, amazing Bagan temples and vivid local life of Burmese.
Burma Family Holiday Photos Gallery | Trip Map
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Tour length: 12 days / 11 nights
Tour Type: Holiday
Cities: Mandalay, Bagan, Kalaw, Inle Lake, Yangon
Price: Contact us
Activity Level: Regular itinerary

Day 01: Yangon Arrival
As your family arrive in Yangon, our driver and tour guide will welcome you for the first touch to Myanmar ( Burma), transferring to your hotel.
Let your children learn about this fascinating city with the first visit to Shwedagon Pagoda, the most impressive golden site in Yangon which dominates the skyline of Yangon by its miracle flash.
Dinner with cultural show in …

Burma Royal Heritages

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One special tour to see Burma ( Myanmar ) both in land on on shore. It's time to be pampered by the luxury services and behold the spectacular of Burma.
As you land in Yangon, Burma Tours Asia staff will introduce you the uniquness of the city with Shwedagon and many vestiges. The royal city of Mandalay calls your visit by its beguilding relics, legends and sacred places while Irrawaddy river connects your travel with superb view from your cruise deck.
From Mandalay, we take 2 days cruise downstream to the ancient capital, the only Unesco heritage site of Myanmar, Bagan plain. This incredible land is stuffed with countless stupas and pagoda which surely highlight your discovery before you come back to Yangon.

Burma Royal Heritages Photos Gallery

Tour length: 08 days/ 07 nights
Tour type: Cultural Tour, Classic
Cities: Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing,  Yandaboo, Bagan
Price: Contact us
Physcal Level: Easy

Day 01: Yangon arrival (D)
Burma Tour will welcome you at Yangon airport for your hotel trans…

Beach Safari Myanmar

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The coast of Western Burma (Myanmar) presents some of the most isolated and natural settings in Burma, that is Rakhine. Far away from the rapid pace of change in Yangon and Mandalay, villagers continue to live here in the same way they have for hundreds of years. They live according to the rhythms of nature, fishing and harvesting coconuts. The people of Rakhine still use ox carts with wooden wheels.

Beach Safari Myanmar ( Burma ) invites you to truly get away and discover how people really live in Burma. We invite to join us in Maung Shwe Lay for a fun and memorable day exploring authentic village life in Myanmar and being part of our community.

Beach Safari Myanmar Photos Gallery 

Tour Duration: 02 days / 01 night
Tour Type: Cultural exploration
Cities: Maung Shwe Lay
Price: Contact us
Activity Level: Regular Itinerary

Experience rural fishing village life
Enjoy beach of St. Andrew’s Bay
Pristine natural beauty

DAY 1: Boat transport to Maung Shwe Lay and visiting the town
Pick-Up Car…

Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Tour

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Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin tour is designed to provide the travelers with the chance to see the Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin in their natural environment and the traditional cast-net fishing method by the help of dolphins. This will encourage the education programs on dolphin conservation and the importance of adopting sustainable fishing practices.

The community and local fishermen will better understand their perspectives and issues. This allows us to balance the preservation needs of dolphins with helping the fishermen to achieve more productive and sustainable livelihoods.

Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Tour Photos Gallery

Tour Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Tour Type: Watching dolphin
Cities: Mandalay, Kyauk Myaung
Price: Contact us
Activity Level: Regular itinerary

Day 01: Mandalay-Kyauk Myaung
Morning scenic driving on the Ayeyarwaddy by fishermen’s boat for dolphin sightseeing boat will give you unforgettable event in your life time. After one hour, we go sightseeing: the biggest temple, bells and lion statues of My…

Wonders of the Golden Land

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Burma - Wonders of the Golden Land. Along this journey, we bring you a corner of Asia little changed from the past as we visit nostalgic Yangon, where towering Shwedagon temple glints in the sun, watch a golden sunset over a thousand temples at Bagan, and journey by boat along the Irrawaddy River in Mandalay, the cultural heart of Burma.

Wonders of the Golden Land Photos Gallery |

Tour Duration: 14 days / 13 nights
Tour Type: Cultural Adventures
Cities: Mandalay and Bagan, Magical Inle Lake
Price: Contact us
Activity Level: Cultural explorations, optional hikes

Enjoy your Myanmar Tours

Burma Culinary Tour

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Culinary of Burma Tour embarks on an in-depth introduction to Burmese cuisine and the various environments in which to enjoy it. A unique program that will reveal the cultural pastimes of the country alongside ubiquitous sights and sceneries, this 8 days tour promises a real taste of Burma.

Burma Culinary Tour Photos Gallery

Tour duration: 08 days 07 nights
Start: Yangon  - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Cultural, Cooking
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon – Kalw – Tar Yaw Village Hti Thein – Inle Lake – Sagar – Mandalay
Price: Available Upon Request
Please contact us to get the best possible price based upon your travel period and specific touring needs.

Day 01: Yangon arrival
Met and greeted by Burma Tour staff. You will be transferred to your hotel in Yangon downtown.
Start your first experience of Yangon with a styled rishaw to visit vivid street life and Burma national museum. Your evening is highlighted by a fine dinner with cultural dance in Karaw…

Explore Burma Heritages

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Explore Burma Heritages is made up with the combination of the best cultural attractions and values of throughout Burma (Myanmar). With this tour, you will have a deep insight and views of Burmese heritages .

Explore Burma Heritages Photos Gallery

Tour duration: 10 days 09 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Cultural
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon - Golden Rock - Bago - Bagan - Mandalay - Pindaya - Inle lake
Price: Contact us

Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Visit the Sule pagoda and the bustling downtown area, followed by a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda - the most outstanding pagoda, dominating the skyline of Yangon with a magical golden flash. Enjoy the beautiful sunset at the pagoda and take the best photos. Return to the hotel for rest and free to discover the city at night.
Accommodation in Yangon
Meal: Welcomed dinner
Day 02: Yangon - Golden Rock
After breakfas…

Portrait of Burma

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Portrait of Burma 12 days, you will fully enjoy the solemnity of Burma ( Myanmar ) - the country of Buddhist temple and Buddha images. Begin with the very first stop Yangon - the former capital of Myanmar - with many Buddhist temples before moving to Mandalay, the Burma's city of culture, Bagan - the real plain of stupas - with thousands of temples, Inle Lake - Shan State's amazing destination, dotted with Pindaya and Monywa cities.

Portrait of Burma Photos Gallery

Tour duration: 12 days 11 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Photo, Cultural
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon - Mandalay - Monywa - Pakokku - Bagan - Heho - Pindaya - Inle lake
Price: Contact us

Day 01 : Yangon Arrival
Upon your arrival in Yangon, you will be transferred to the hotel for check in. Visit Chauk Htat Gyi famed with its giant Reclining Buddha Image, Sule Pagoda, the Mahabandoola Independent Monument. We also spend time studying the normal life of loc…

Call of Irrawaddy

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The Call of Irrawaddy River Tour was proposed to share Burma's charming reminders of colonial time and thousands of well-preserved pagodas with the world. Traveling overland, by air and on water; you will discover why the beautiful country is often dubbed the Golden Land. Cruise journey on Burma’s Ayeyarwaddy River will be one of your life’s great travel experiences.

Call of Irrawaddy Photos Gallery

Tour Duration: 10 days 09 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour Type: Cruise, Luxury
Tour Operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity Level: Moderate
Tour Route: Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Pyin Oo Lwin - Pindaya - Inle Lake
Price: Contact us

Day 1: Yangon
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Visit the Sule pagoda and the bustling downtown area, taking in the rich colonial architecture and bustling streets and markets. In the afternoon we make our way to the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, which is home to a huge Colossal Reclining Buddha. The highlight of the …

Burma Photography Tour

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Burma photography tour - this trip is designed to ensure that you see the highlights at the appropriate time of day to get the best possible images. The emphasis will always be on getting ‘out and about’, taking great photos.  Local photographer will always be on hand for advice, tips and  he will open the doors to get you close to the locals and the real Burma ( Myanmar ). This trip will be so full of photo opportunities that it will be hard to return home without a magnificent set of pictures.

Burma Photography Tour Photos Gallery 

Tour duration: 12 days 11 nights
Start: Yangon - Finish: Yangon
Tour type: Photo, Classic
Tour operates: Year round/Upon request
Activity level: Moderate
Tour route: Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Heho - Taunggyi - Kakku
Price: Contact us!

Day 01: Yangon Arrival
Upon arrival at Yangon airport, you will own arrange the transfer to your hotel. Visit the huge Reclining Buddha Statue at the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, followed by a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda - one of the wo…

Temptation of Burma

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A beautiful discovery of Burma ( Myanmar ) with full sights and sounds. From stunning temples to ancient capitals, from lush Inle Lake to relaxing Ngapali beach, from smiling Thanakha welcomes to rustic local villages and colonial heritages, the tour exposes the most impressive parts of Burma.

Temptation of Burma Photos Gallery 

Tour length: 12 days / 11 nights
Tour type: Classic tour
Visiting sites: Yangon, Inle Lake, Sagar, Mandalay, Pyn Oo Lwin, Bagan, Popa
Price: from $ 1.900 / person applied for private tour of 2 people
Physical level: easy sightseeing

Day 1 Arrival in Yangon
Welcome to the golden land of Burma !
As you arrive in Yangon airport, our tour guide and driver will meet and greet you for your hotel transfer. Join us for a welcome dinner at a local restaurant.
Accommodation: Yangon Hotel
Meal: Welcome dinner
Day 2 Yangon city tour
After breakfast, we start exploring the centre of Yangon with a guided walk through colonial buildings, Emmanuel Church, Sule Pagoda and enjoy a styled hi…