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How Much Does It Cost to go to burma 2017?

“How much does it cost to adventure in myanmar Tours?” is the most often asked question, which I get in your e-mails. The general answer should be that it depends on the style of your go to, but that doesn’t really answer anything. Tourism boom, which has hit the country final year caused numerous prices to skyrocket. The bad news is that burma is the second most pricey country to go to after Singapore in Southeast Asia. The worse news is that it’s going to be more expensive in the coming 2-3 years. Let’s take a look how much money a trip to myanmar is likely to cost you this year.In myanmar the local currency is kyat (MMK). The exchange rate in recent months was approximately US$1 = 840-860 MMK. In last week or so US1$ was 880-890 MMK. As no one knows if it’s going to stay that way for long let’s calculate that US$1 = 850 MMK. For a typical adventure in burma you will need a visa, accommodation, food, local transport, and entrance fees as the absolute minimum. Let’s break it down the…