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Mawlamyine - burma

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Spending a few days in Yangon is a splendid opportunity to understand burma citizen and travel its splendid sites. One of those is having a full day to uncover the lives by Ayeyarwaddy River in Dala and Twante. If Dala - about 40km from Yangon - is one of the most joyful villages of burma (Burma), where you could experience the life on motorcycle, the friendliness of vendors on the road and the cheerful eyes of children, Twante is the traditional pottery handicraft of this country, where you can learn about the skillful citizen and their captivating works, admire how young generation is keeping and developing the secret of their family’s traditional workshop. One day in these pretty towns is worth experience to take some memories of your charming myanmar holiday back home.Dala – How the lives get on by the Ayeyarwaddy River?How to get there:Being a small town in the South of Yangon river, the trip to Dala starts by taking the jetty at Pansadon road. Walking to the finish of the road t…