How to Planning Your myanmar adventure

A little planning and preparation will help your trip much more enjoyable. Here are our advice and guide step by step for those one looking and planning for a perfect myanmar holiday.

Step 1: Get a burma tours idea

burma (Burma) is the largest country in mainland of South East Asia. You want to travel to myanmar? Obviously, Yes. But...where or which particular places in Myanmar? Uhm...oh...
myanmar (Burma) is the largest country in mainland of South East Asia. You want to travel to Myanmar? Obviously, Yes. But...where or which particular places in Myanmar? Uhm...oh...If that question may make you confused, let's go to our Maps of Highlights page. This page should be the original place you can want to start with.
This page shows you the most popular destinations of myanmar on an interactive map. You can contain a visible understanding of where is where and by a single click on each site name, our website leads you to introductory post of this destination that guides you the most highlight features of the site.
If your desired places, by any occasion, does not include on this page, don't hesitate to drop us an email at info(at)myanmartour(dot)com. We inclue them all here.

Step 2: Pick a journey or tailor-made it as your wish

After getting the places you want to go, go back to our tour packages list where you be able to find several trips under four main themes: Classic packages - for general visit purposes and anyone can carry them, Luxury holidays - with prominent, featured services for generous pocketing travellers, tour tours - for trekking, hiking, biking fans (some of the adventures are very hard and not recommended for all physical levels. If you are not sure, please contact to our support team) and Excursions - for in-depth explorations to a specific place.
What if I don't such as any tour samples or like some of them? - Visit our Tailor Made tool, send your request and our Support team will do this for you right away. The amazing news is that all our myanmar packages is individual tour, then you could customize it to whatever you want.

Step 3: Obtain Visa and Book International flights

Now you contain two ways to obtain Visa to myanmar. The primary is to get to a myanmar Diplomatic Rep Office in your home country - check up the list here. The second is Visa On Arrival which is easier and cheaper. From Sep 01, 2014, myanmar government launched eVisa portal for foreign citizens from over 100 countries. The official website is Online payment by credit/debit cards is accepted.
following, you should book international flights early in order to get your favorite flight and wonderful prices. You may choose any airline but the thing you should pay attention is transit time. Some just bring few hours. Some may take up to a day. In this situation, you should manage a hotel close to the airport for resting. This is just a small point in your trip but fails to do so, your myanmar trip becomes hard right from the begin.
Here is the list of the most popular transit cities for flights to Myanmar:
- Singapore - for passengers mostly coming from Australia.
Click here for hotel list close to the Singapore airport.
- Bangkok - for passenger mostly coming from European countries.
Click here for hotel list near the Bangkok airport.
- Hongkong - for passenger mostly coming from the USA.
Click here for hotel list close to the Hongkong Airport.
- Kunming, China - for passengers from China.
Click here for hotel list near the Kunming Airport.

Step 4: adventure Light and Neat

Pack things for up to two weeks adventure is not easy if you want to keep it neat and light. The general advice is just to bring truly essential things, otherwise, you be able to notice your trip heavy all the times and increase the risk of losing your individual items. Bring a view of our suggestions below:
  • Several weeks previous your trip, make a list of what you will need to pack.
  • make sure your own documents (passports, visas, driver’s license) are in order.
  • We offer that you make photocopies of passports, visas, personal ID and any other important adventure documents and pack them separately from the originals. If you lose the originals while traveling, you'll possess copies for easier reporting and replacement.
  • You can consider bringing a small supply of over the counter medications for headaches and/or anti-diarrhea pills. Pack a list of medications including dosage and generic names.
  • We suggest that you pack a portable alarm clock.
  • Avoid placing valuables such as cameras in your checked luggage.

We found an very interesting and detailed post on packing your lugguage guide by an adventure expert here. The list is truly useful for any adventurer.

Step 5: Well-prepared for Culture Crash

burma is an Asian country not open to the world until just a few recent years. You should prepare for the difference in many aspects of your home country. For example: the price of the hotel is particularly as high as in the Western hotels but the conditions and standards be able to be rather far from those hotel standards (more on myanmar accommodation); you may encounter Burmese men with black teeth because of chewing betel tradition or wearing long skirts - called "longis"; you be able to fly on free seat domestic flights and stop at the midway for transferring and collecting more passengers (more details here) etc... There are numerous other things. But if you get on well with these features, you will be awarded back to warm, honest, friendly Burmese citizen and a special culture that was hardly seen in other parts while traveling in Asia.

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