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Myanmar’s unique Novitiation Ceremony

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In burma, boys all have to experience one or several times of “monk-hood”. They will leave their home and be sent to a monastery or pagoda to practice prior deciding whether to become a lifelong monk or give up the robe after that. Novitiation ceremony (or Shinbyu Pwe) is the most important ceremony in a whole life of a Burmese men. To them, since they were born, if they own not ever gone into a pagoda or monastery once, they contain not been a wonderful Buddhist yet. Also according to the belief of Buddhists here, the fact that their son become monks can create a big career for family.
Shinbyu Pwe - special ceremony
In early morning, new novices are applied makeup, wearing Burmese traditional costumes, and are taken to a unique site to start the ceremony. This is an occasion that parents can be proud of their children.

Organizers will announce the Shinbyu Pwe ceremony and open music to call upon citizen to donate alms bows and robes for new novices. After the announcement, the children …

Trek Kalaw and encounter Ethnic citizen

Kalaw is a former colonial British hill station in western Shan State of myanmar (Burma), at 1320m above the sea level, 50 km from Inle lake.Kalaw has natural atmosphere, cool and refreshing climate, and breathtaking view. It is well-known as a trekking mecca of myanmar and an suitable region for colorful hill tribe and agricultural life discovery.

Kalaw town is set amongst magnificent pine forests. Many colonial-era buildings constructed by British in Kalaw remain with diverse states of decay. They are quaint, eerily silent and seemingly undisturbed.
Kalaw blends influences of Indian and Nepalese culture. This region has a significant population of Nepali Gurkhas, Indian Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were brought to Kalaw by the British to build the railway line.As an untouched and pristine region, trekking and visiting villages in Kalaw is an incredible way to acquire impressive experiences. These are some special places that you may trek in Kalaw.
++ Suggested tour:Trekking from Kalaw…

Myanmar's charming street Food

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As an enigmatic country, myanmar is also captivating for its primary cuisine based on distinctly indigenous ingredients. Strolling around the streets in the country and trying some featured dishes, it is not fastidious to notice this characteristic.
1. Burmese sweet snacksCommonly known as “moun”, Burmese sweets are not used as desserts like in the West but rather as snacks, particularly taken with tea in the morning or afternoon.
And, while sweets elsewhere in Southeast Asia are coated with sugar, sweet flavor of “moun” are gotten from the local ingredients like coconut, jaggery, palm, rice, tapioca, fruit, etc.

Here are some striking Burmese sweets:
- Sanwin makin: a semolina cake made of semolina flour, sugar, butter, eggs, grated coconut and coconut milk; walnut and raisins are optionally supplemented.
- Beinmoun: Burmese-style pancakes or poppy seeded pancake; a round, yellow fried cake with its ingredients including rice flour, jaggery, coconut, poppy seed and butter. This is a fragr…

Mandalay - Land of myanmar antique Capitals

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The area around Mandalay city is very magnificent in antique capitals, which leave countless valued historic and religious relics. Thanks to this, it is considered as the most important cultural hub of myanmar.
Mandalay is now Myanmar’s second largest city, but if pull out the history in 19th century, it could see that its role was not less important than it is today. Mandalay imperial capital was founded at the foot of Mandalay Hill by King Midon in 1857, ostensibly to fulfill a prophecy of the foundation of a Buddhism metropolis in an exact destination on the 2,400th Buddhism jubilee. To construct this new capital, the former royal palace of Amarapura was dismantled, and materials were moved by elephants to the new location.
The capital is surrounded by four rivers. For the next 26 years, Mandalay was the ultimate royal capital of Konbaung Dynasty, the last individual Burmese kingdom previous its last annexation by British Empire. It ceased to be the capital in 1885…

Myanmar Tour FAQs updated

This is our newest update about Myanmar travel settings with 23 FAQs for the updated infomation. Check it out for the best preparation of your excited coming Myanmar holidays.
1. Burma or Myanmar? Where is the country?Both names mean exactly the same and suffer the same insufficiency as both assigns the name of the ruling ethnic group (namely the ‘Bamar’, or ‘Burmans’, or ‘Myanmar’) to the whole country, thus repeating a pattern of discrimination or complacency towards minorities. The name ‘Myanmar’ was adopted by the regime in 1989 without any democratic legitimization. While we don’t actually mind using ‘Myanmar’, we would definitely prefer if this change would retrospectively be confirmed by a genuinely democratic decision. Myanmar is the largest country in mainland of Indochina Peninsular. The country shares border with: China in North East, India in North West,Bangladesh in South West, Laos in Central East, Thailand in South East.
2. Is Myanmar safe for travel?Yes, definitely. The co…

Government Bans Tourists from Climbing on Pagodas in Bagan

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nearly the pagodas in Bagan will be prohibited to ascend on top since March 01 2016. Watching the sunset from the top of a pagoda is one of Bagan’s delightful travel experiences, also rated as a “must-do” when taking a adventure to burma.

Nonetheless, on ultimate February 22, 2016, Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture announced its decision to ban visitors from climbing on antique pagodas in this world-renowned archaeological zone, after publication of a video showing an indecent show on top of one structure in Bagan.

The cause starts from a fact happening in the second week of this February, as a medical company had conducted a cultural singing- and-dancing show on Pyathagyi Pagoda, as the Mimistry said, had a “negative impact” on the nation’s culture.

The number of locals and foreign tourists to Bagan has grown quickly recently, doubled from 120,000 to 250,000 between 2011 and 2015. This means hundreds of visitors ascend the temples everyday, placing strain on the old structures. Said by the M…

Visiting Bagan - Beyond Pagodas and Stupas

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Bagan owns over 2,200 pagodas and stupas. Apart from learning religious and antique architecture, there are numerous active activities for travelers to find out other sides of myanmar country like culture, people and view. 1. Ballooning rideThis is the best, funniest way to catch the panorama of Bagan. Unparalleled aerial view from hot air balloons will actually carry good moments to travelers as contemplating this majestic construction ensemble. Balloon journeys usually departs on early morning, the featured time in a day to observe glorious sunrise, when original sunbeams shine down roof of old stupas. Surely this way will captivate photographers. With a location on a balloon, you be able to possibly capture fantastic shots and create splendid photos. Important note: Balloon ride is not avalable from April to Sep due to weather conditions. The most beautiful time in day for ballooning is early morning (from 5AM) 2. Biking on semi-dessert, sandy paths or up to mountainsA new way to admi…

Differences of Buddhist Architecture Among Indochina Countries

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Five out six of Indochina countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and burma principally practice Buddhism, but it will be a big fault if you believe Buddhist architecture in these nations are the identical, and just or Vietnam is enough. The reason results from differences of Buddhism sects, cultural influences and folk beliefs. In fact, Buddhist team traveling to myanmar ples of the countries are charming distinct.
AN OVERVIEW OF BUDDHIST ARCHITECTURAL FORMS:Stupa: A bell-shaped structure containing Buddhist relics, very widespread in burma. It’s called “zedi” in Burmese, “that” in Lao, “chedi” in Thai and “mộ tháp” in Vietnamese. A stupa of Vietnam, a small rectangular structure, is unlike stupas of the other countries.Monastery temple: Common in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, known as “wat”.Pagoda: The main form of Buddhist architecture in Vietnam, completely different to “pagoda” of China.Buddhist monastery: could be found a lot in burma, Thailand and Cambodia, known as…

Practice of Buddhism in Indochina countries

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Buddhist practice in Indochina countries has both alike and different points, coming along with featured values and positive influences on culture and spiritual life. first and foremost, let know two major branches of Buddhism, which are different expressions of the identical teachings of Buddha.THERAVADA & MAHAYANATheravada (Teachings of the Elders, Lesser Wheel School, Southern Buddhism)
As the earliest, oldest teachings of Buddha founded in India and found in Pali literature, Theravada school orients devotees to become an "arhat" (who attained Nirvana) by merit making and obeying Five Percepts of the Buddha.Mahayana (Greater Wheel School, Northern Buddhism)
This school encourages citizen to perfect themself based on the six necessary virtues: generosity, morality, patience, vigor, concentration and wisdom, but with aim to protect others.

>> Theravada see Mahayana as a misinterpretation of the Buddha’s primary teachings, while Theravada is seen more austere, ascetic …

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Saying goodbye to the year of 2018 – according to Vietnamese calendar where head quarter office of SEA WANDER located and prepare for new year festival according to Burmese calendar in April 2015, let SEA WANDER look back together to our top favorite tour in 2014 and our expert is going to offer new choice for an wonderful myanmar in 2015. Top choices in 2018 by our customers:myanmar photography journey and more specified option - Photography with Balloon ride in Inle Lake and Bagan 07 days - Photographers felt very much in love with myanmar. And we created the journey to provide best chances to capture the most salient pictures in their journeys.
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